“For those who don’t want to read a long sappy review, here is the summary: Codi (Sage + Stone weddings) is a MUST HAVE vendor for your wedding 100000 / 10 stars!

For everyone else who wants to know why you should hire Codi, here goes:

When you’re looking for a wedding planner / coordinator, you’re looking for SO many things – someone who communicates well, someone who is organized, someone who makes you feel like you’re important to them, someone who will be honest with you about what is feasible with your budget and time, etc. etc. For us, Codi was all of that and so much more.

From the second we met her, we knew we were lucky to have found her as a vendor and a friend. She always hyped us up and reminded us to have fun through the planning process. She was always ready with solutions and suggestions, and helped make what WE wanted a reality.

On the wedding day, Codi busted her you know what all morning to set up our venue exactly how we had imagined it and better with her eye for detail and event set up. She coordinated with all of our other vendors to ensure everything arrived and was set up on time. She made sure that all we had to do was ENJOY the day with no stress.

Throughout the night, Codi found us with water, CHAPSTICK, and everything we needed to stay comfortable. I could go on forever, honestly. We are eternally grateful that we left our wedding in the hands of Codi (Sage + Stone Weddings). She helped turn an AMAZING day into an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT day.

Thank you so much, Codi! <3”

Lexy + Jack